The Project “The flowers of Ravenna”


In 2011 Linea Rosa has developed the project “THE FLOWERS OF RAVENNA” – “Ravenna Women’s Friendly City”, in collaboration with the International Centre of Documentation on Mosaic of the City Art Museum and CNA, with the aim to join the volunteering and the art world.

Linea Rosa is a volunteering association born on 2 December 1991, in Ravenna, to defend and support women with problems who undergo psychological, economic, physical, sexual, assisted violence, mobbing and stalking.

Since 2000 the association has renewed 3 contracts with the Local Council of Ravenna, approved, unique case in Italy, always with full vote of the Council Assembly. The unity shown by all the political parties to fight the violence against women confirms that Ravenna is a “Women’s Friendly City”.

Starting from this premise, since 2013 the Project “THE FLOWERS OF RAVENNA” – “Ravenna Women’s Friendly City” involving all the mosaic masters in Ravenna in the realization of a concrete symbol, has been presented to witness the attention of the city towards women with problems.


Ravenna is considered the capital of the mosaic, but it keeps its own masterpieces inside its ancient Monuments, declared UNESCO heritage, or in its Museums: the Domus of the stone carpets, the MAR and TAMO. Even if it is unique in the world for quality and quantity of the mosaic works, wandering throughout the city it is quite impossible to understand the presence of the mosaics.

Ravenna, moreover, can boast a civic action, courageous and forward-looking in promoting the cause of the defense and support of the women who have suffered or suffer from violence.
An action that takes a greater value if we think about the more and more alarming data of these last years on the phenomenon of the feminicide

We would like that Ravenna, famous all over the world for its heritage, were known also as a women’s friendly city and we would like that this signal were received also by a lot of citizens in a symbolic way.

The flowers in mosaic, symbol of the memory of the women victims of violence, becomes a sign of welcome for all who visit the women’s friendly city of mosaics.